One of “Those” Days

We’ve all been there.  The day is going great, then suddenly it isn’t.  Or maybe the “not-so-great” started before our feet even hit the floor…

One thing after another happens, and we end up torn between screaming, crying, or finding somewhere to resign.  It may be that one child who knows exactly how to get under our skin, that one bill that we didn’t see coming, a whole string of Murphy’s Law madness, messes happening faster than we can clean, an ever-growing to-do list that needs a notebook or a spreadsheet because it’s already so lengthy, a harsh word from a loved one… or maybe it’s something even bigger, like losing a loved one or facing something truly traumatic and life-altering…

Whatever you face today, just know that it won’t last forever.  It may feel like forever, but sooner or later every season of our life gives way to something new and different.  Today may or may not leave a mark on the days to come, but there are very few things we’ll face that truly never end or at least subside.

So take a time out. Breathe. Vent to a friend (briefly!) or talk it over with God, then resolve to find the silver lining or a blessing to count.  It may not be “fixed,” but you’ll feel a little more in control of yourself, and that’s the only thing truly in your control.  When we adjust our attitude, many things seem a little easier to handle.  The real trick is to do it before we say or do something we cannot retract.  Words and actions can truly hurt the people we love, and a bad day gets so much worse when we say things we regret, stretching a bad day into a bad week or a ruined relationship.

Be blessed, and endeavor to become a blessing to those around you.  Not only will they be blessed, but you’ll feel better too.Bad day, rough day

-Tina Kaye